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November 30, 2023
Core Protocol based on Account Abstraction & ERC 4337 to revolutionise Investing & Fund Management.

Idea emerged to becoming a “Vision” when BLOK Capital Founder Sheetal Nehra discussed with few novice investors in crypto about the difficulty of self custody in storing private keys / seed phrases, gas fees & their concerns of losing their crypto with centralised exchanges, like FTX. Our Founder decided to create a protocol solving the […]

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November 30, 2023
BLOK Capital: The Culture of Innovation at the Heart of the DeFi Revolution

BLOK Capital DAO is quickly emerging as one of the most exciting new projects in Decentralized Finance, by pushing the boundaries of what DeFi is capable of. It is already one of the leading pioneers in account abstraction, thanks to its rapid integration of ERC4337, that has enabled a number of world firsts in the […]

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BLOK Capital revolutionises Cryptoasset Investment by connecting investors with expert portfolio managers, enabling anyone to grow their wealth in an easier, safer, and smarter way, without having to release custody.

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